Fancy Valentine’s Day on the Beach?

This year, treat your special partner to Valentine’s Day on a private beach, in the V&A Waterfront. Grand Africa Cafe & Beach is offering a sumptuous three course set menu to help you impress your other half.

Grand Beach, a much-loved Cape Town restaurant and nightspot is still the venue in the city to dine, drink and be seen. With the Atlantic ocean winking seductively out in front, the inviting new entrance, beneath swaying palm trees, drives home the one-of-a-kind seafront location of Grand Beach.

Offering a free spirited beach cafe culture, endless ocean views, outdoor seating, plush interiors and tables on the beach and roses everywhere, it delivers an abundance of romance on the day you need it most!


Menu 14 Feb 2017

Mezze Board
Club Salad

Grilled Prawns

Chalmer Beef

Gnocci Arrabbiata

Chocolate Brownie
Glass of Pongrácz

R795 per person – Includes a rose and a glass of Pongrácz per person

To book, please email or call 021 425  0551

Book at Grand Beach for Valentines Day 2017

Book at Grand Beach for Valentines Day 2017