Charango Peruvian Bar and Grill


Charango is a concept born of a love of travel, a love of food and a love of incomparable experiences. It’s the new kid on the Bree Street block, set to become a definitive foodie destination in South Africa with a menu dedicated to Peruvian-Japanese fusion, or Nikkei cuisine.

Overseen by talented Head Chef Kieran Whyte, Charango serves an innovative menu focussing on textures and depth of flavour, incorporating native vegetables, fruit and fish with the aim of encouraging diners to discover interesting new taste combinations. The menu is designed for sharing with most dishes served as finger food, in small piqueos dishes, best described as Peruvian tapas. These dishes sit alongside a curated wine selection and an extensive cocktail list based on pisco infusions.

Nikkei cuisine has become the latest gastronomic sensation to hit culinary capitals – half a dozen new restaurants dedicated to the cuisine have opened since 2012 in London alone. Following in the footsteps of top international Peruvian-Japanese restaurants such as Chotto-Matte; Lima Floral; Rayminyc and most recently Uni, Charango opens the world of Nikkei cuisine to locals.

Peru’s culinary traditions speak to the cultural influences which have swept over the South American country, such as the Japanese, who began migrating to Peru in the 1800s. Japanese Peruvians now comprise the second largest ethnic Japanese population in Latin America (after Brazil). The roots of Nikkei lie in the importance both traditions give to fresh fish, as Japanese sushi mixes perfectly with ceviche, which lies at the heart of most Peruvian menus.

Japanese dishes have been combined with the flavours and cooking techniques of the indigenous Peruvians to remarkable effect, bringing together the best of the delicate, refined Japanese cuisine with Peruvian freshness and spice. Think fresh fish combined with corn, ají peppers, yuca, potatoes and, in Charango’s case, a host of creative flourishes — delicious Charango ‘New Style’ Ceviche; Seared Tuna Tataki and Toasted Quinoa Creme.

Charango celebrates this delicious mix of cultures and offers diners a dynamic fusion of street and contemporary style-food: from ceviche to hot, seared kebab-style meat cooked over coals.  And it’s not just the food that’s innovative. The cutting- edge interior features clean, earthy lines offset against colourful contemporary South African mural art by Faith47.

Located in the heart of buzzing Bree Street, Charango is unpretentious, sophisticated and modern with a Peruvian sense of fun.


  • CEVICHE – Made of various types of seafood, ceviche is the perfect way to start your meal. Seafood cubes and marinated in fresh citrus juice and topped with an aji chile lime juice.
  • CHARANGO – Traditionally made from the shell of an armadillo, the small but powerful Charango is a stringed instrument from South America. Best enjoyed with a glass of pisco sours and surrounded by your loved ones, let it transport you all the way to the Andes.
  • LECHE DE TIGRE – Leche de Tigre is the Peruvian term for the citrus based marinade that cures the seafood in a Ceviche. In Peru the invigorating potion is believed to be both a hangover cure as well as a aphrodisiac.
  • MUCHOS GUSTOS –  The only Peruvian slang you need to know here is Muchos Gustos. It literally means many tastes and represents our philosophy when it comes to what we offer. From ceviche to tiradito, enjoy not one, two or even three, but order one of each and share.
  • PERUVIAN FOOD – Due to its multicultural past, Peruvian food has the most delicious and eclectic blend of different types of tastes, from Spanish to Japanese. With so many influences, it is no surprise that Peruvians prefer muchos gustos in their cuisine.
  • PISCO – Originally created in 1641 to dodge the king of Spain’s tax on wine, Peruvians call Pisco their native spirit. Meaning bird in the indigenous Quechua language, its the perfect companion when indulging in Peruvian food, at any time of day, even breakfast.
  • TIRADITO – To keep you dancing, follow with a dish of Tiradito. A fresh catch of fish that is topped with various spices that is similar to sashimi but with a Peruvian twist.

(021) 422 0757
114, Bree Street, Cape Town

Opening Times: Lunch 12:00 – 15:00
Bar Menu 12:00 – 22:00
Dinner 18:00 – 21:30
Bar 12:00 till late